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Yoga Tools for Menstrual Health

Just as a woman’s body experiences changes during her monthly cycle, so should her yoga practice. Like seasonal weather changes, a woman’s hormones, energy levels, and mood fluctuates throughout the month. The beginning of the cycle is filled with extroverted energy like summer, while the pre-menstrual and menstruation days are slower and require pauses for introversion, similar to winter. In this two-hour workshop, women’s health physical therapist and yoga teacher Dana Podell will guide you through a variety of tools and techniques to ease and alleviate symptoms associated with PMS (premenstrual symptoms) and period pain. This workshop is specifically intended to support women who experience difficulty before and/or during their periods. These uncomfortable feelings might include (but are definitely not limited to): abdominal cramps, bloating, pain with using a tampon, and/or fatigue. During the workshop, Dana will guide you through specific yoga tools to care for your body during your period. This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to better care for yourself during your cycle so you can continue to live life discomfort-free, even on your period. 



May 5th 3-5pm


Grateful Yoga Evanston


$35 to save your spot

Sign up through Grateful Yoga


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