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Private Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a specialized form of yoga that uses yoga based movement, breath practices, and meditations to address your medical needs with a comprehensive and holistic approach. Current research studies support the use of yoga therapy for many health conditions including chronic pain & women's health concerns.

What to expect from the first session?

During the first session, I will evaluate your physical body and ask you a series of questions to understand your stress levels, sleep habits, energy levels, and your general medical history. After the first session you will go home with a specialized yoga practice  to help alleviate your symptoms. 

What to expect from follow-up sessions?

During follow-up sessions, based on your feedback, I will edit your specific yoga practice as needed to create a supportive daily practice. Follow-up sessions can be as often as every week or as little as once a month depending on your needs. 


Do I need to be "good at yoga" to receive the benefits of Yoga Therapy?

No! You do not need any previous yoga experience to receive the benefits of yoga therapy. We will always practice the sequence together before you practice on your own at home. 

What can Yoga Therapy help me with?

Chronic pain, physical injuries, insomnia, hypertension, asthma, pelvic pain, postpartum care, emotional stress, psychological or physical trauma, anxiety/depression, stress management, and more

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