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A Holistic Approach to
Physical Therapy

I'm a licensed Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Physical Therapist currently accepting new patients in the Chicago area. I'm here to help you heal with my holistic approach to Physical Therapy. 


With extensive training in Yoga & Physical Therapy I am here to help both your body & soul heal so that you can return to every day life function and live pain free.


I incorporate my knowledge of yoga into every session providing you with a holistic healing experience. I offer:

  • Yoga based therapeutic exercises to strengthen and lengthen imbalanced muscle groups

  • Breath work re-training with the use of pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) to improve the biomechanics, quality, and consistency of your breathing pattern

  • Manual therapy including myofascial release, joint & soft tissue mobilization, and manual stretching

  • Practical goal setting so you can return to activities of daily living (walking, exercising, sitting, and even going to the bathroom). 


You do not need to wait to feel better! I'm here for you. 

Physiotherapy Services Explained

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Treatment for incontinence

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Rehabilitation for chronic pelvic pain 

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Pregnancy & postpartum care

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Pain-free & pleasurable sex

Yoga & Dance related injuries

Back & neck rehabilitation

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Long term care for  chronic conditions

Treatment of joint related injuries

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